VACATURE – Policy Advisor Agriculture, Nature and Environment Directorate of Economy, Nature and Infrastructure

The Executive Council of the Public Entity of Sint Eustatius, is seeking candidates interested in the following function:

1 FTE Policy Advisor Agriculture, Nature and Environment Directorate of Economy, Nature and Infrastructure

Vac. 03-2023

As policy advisor Agriculture, Nature and Environment; you have technical skills and knowledge of the balance between agriculture, nature, environment and economic developments. It is your responsibility to work with stakeholders to monitor any developments that may have an effect on, or contribute to the development of aforementioned sectors. You facilitate and provide advice to the nature, environment and agriculture organizations. Additionally, you create technical advice, reports and policies; to support, sustain and develop the sectors. You have a broad ecological insight and can estimate the feasibility and effectiveness of the various measures.

Specific Requirements

• Bachelors degree in Agriculture, Environment or Nature- related field of study /or equivalent;

• 3-5 years’ demonstrable work experience related to policy of Agriculture, Environment and Nature;

• Experience with policy writing.

• Proficiency in writing and speaking of the English and Dutch language.

• Experience working in the Caribbean or similar context.

Duties and Responsibilities

• Developing, implementing, monitoring and evaluating policy in the field of nature, environment and agriculture (farming, Veterinary services and fisheries);

• calls attention to developments, bottlenecks and monitors progress in the relevant section of the policy area and responds to them;

• conducts further research on relevant developments and Dutch legislation by studying data in his/her own section of the policy area, makes recommendations and gives advice;

• maintains contact with informants and meets with various internal and external functionaries who provide information;

• makes proposals for modifications of schemes, procedures and systems, and provides verbal explanations;

• contributes, under consultation, to tender and commissioning processes, and drafts contracts;

• contributes to the core data for budget monitoring, budgeting, and multi-year estimates.

Advising on administrative and legal matters

• advises – in consultation with others – political and administrative senior officials or organizational units on administrative and legal matters;

• studies and analyzes the legal aspects of the (implementation) issues that arise in the relevant section of the policy area in the government;

• gives advice on legal issues (such as objections and appeals concerning the granting of permits and the like) and requests the help of others for more complex issues;

• contributes to proposals in the administrative and/or civil field (for example liability claims, building projects, tenders, etc.);

• examines adherence to the granted permits, allocated subsidies, agreements, statutes and covenants, regulations, and the like;

• contributes to proposals for amendments;

• contributes to informational meetings in the case of changes to law or jurisprudence.

Skills and Knowledge

• knowledge of agriculture, nature &, environmental and ecology development and management;

• you have a vision on the functioning of nature, agricultural and ecological networks and know how to translate this into concrete actions together with the colleagues;

• insight into the political and social relationships in the professional field;

• insight into the functioning of public administration and the organization;

• skills in analyzing policy developments and the drawing up of policy advice, notes, reports, etc.;

• skills in testing schemes and procedures and the translation of findings to proposals for modification;

• skills in giving advice;

• skills in evaluating (project) plans and requests.

• Practical knowledge in agriculture and/or nature and/or environment protection.

Working Conditions:

A salary in scale 10 with a minimum of gross $ 3,392.17 and a maximum $ 4,492.10 gross for a 39.5 hour work week. Salary scaling depends on work experience and education.

Please send your motivation letter and resume by February 28th, 2023 to the email below:

Executive Council of Public Entity St. Eustatius

T.a.v. Unit manager Internal Services

Ms. F. Gibbs – Van Tonningenweg 2, St. Eustatius Dutch Caribbean – Email:

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