OPINIE – Double-faced hypocrites

By Alex Rosaria

The court ruled last week that same-sex partners cannot be denied the right to marriage and all the rights and benefits ​​associated with it. According to the court, the exclusion of same-sex marriage denies a group equal rights and most importantly constitutes discrimination that’s incompatible with our constitution, the most important law of the nation.

This ruling is a major break with institutional discrimination and a big win for the emancipation process. Similar battles have been waged in the past for equal rights for blacks and women. You would think that the government would embrace equal rights for all, but no. It’s now appealing the court’s decision.

It’s its good right to do this, but what message is it sending? I mean other than that it’s willing to continue to be the lapdog of the powerful Christian churches and sects that hate equal rights for a minority but don’t even blink when their pastors sexually abuse small children. Simply despicable.

The time has come to review the millions that some of these churches get from the country’s (the people’s) budget. The time has also come to rethink the tax-exempt status of these churches and sects that are clearly intertwined in party politics. History, as we have seen in past cases, will not absolve these double-faced hypocrites.

Alex Rosaria (Curaçao) is o.a. oud-minister en Statenlid

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