VACATURE – Supervisor Airport Operations (Sint Eustatius)

The Executive Council of the Public Entity, St. Eustatius, Caribbean Netherlands wishes to get in touch with candidates who are interested in the following function:

1 FTE Supervisor Airport Operations – Unit Airport

(Vac. 3 – 2022)

The Public Entity of St. Eustatius has charted the course to make the island more self-sufficient, by diversifying the local economy. The airport is a crucial player in this strategy. In the further development and within the vision of the island, the challenge is to increase the yields of the airport.

The Public Entity has taken the first step in realizing this vision by building a new airport terminal and air control tower. Further initiatives are being developed to increase the number of flights, further commercialize the airport and increase the number of flights. Further increase in this area translates in more operations at the F.D. Roosevelt Airport.

The Airport Operations department is responsible for the safe and efficient management of the day to day control and organization at the airport (airside, landside and terminal) and enforcing user compliance with airport, local and international policies and regulations.

The Airport Operations Supervisor is responsible for ensuring functionality and safety of the airside, landside, and terminal operations by maintaining compliance with applicable regulations to ensure the airport retains its operating certificate.

The framework is set by the Aerodrome Manual, national and international regulations (ICAO, IATA, FAA, AIP, NOTAMS), relevant rules, regulations and working agreements. As operations supervisor you report to the Airport manager regarding the quality of the coordination of efficient and orderly operations at the airport (airside, landside, and terminal).

As supervisor Airport operations you are de facto the second in charge as Acting Airport Manager, in absence of the Airport manager.

Main tasks:

  • Coordination of efficient and orderly operations at the airport (airside, landside, and terminal)
  • Assures and coordinates the inspection of the platform, runway, terrain, building(s), equipment, facilities and activities on airport grounds;
  • Supervises, regulates and coordinates all activities and processes on the whole of the airport grounds, monitors and verifies the observation of (international and) national safety rules, takes preventative, corrective and emergency measures and enforces them if necessary;
  • Responsible for a streamlined, safe, effective, efficient, smooth and user-friendly flow of activities and processes (including aircraft, vehicles, baggage, passengers and visitors);
  • Coordinates and leads emergency calls, calamities, disasters, irregularities and other safety threatening situations, makes an estimate of the situation and coordinates the response(s) to them, and reports to the manager, the authorities, fire department, police, and security;
  • Prepares special handling requests for aircraft that have requested them and coordinates extraordinary transport;
  • Keeps a log book of all information obtained or given within the context of duties performed (using equipment, violating rules and procedures, and complaints and incidents related to aviation and/or traffic control) and archives this information.
  • Coordinates the processing of complaints of airport users;
  • Contributes to and gives advice on the compilation and evaluation of the Aerodrome Manual, Aerodrome Emergency Plan, and Operation Department Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs);
  • Processes data from flight movements and drafts management summaries;
  • Drafts procedures based on international regulations and publishes these (in NOTAMS);
  • Conducts research on incidents, calamities, emergency situations or other special situations, reports them and gives advice on them;
  • Advises management on improvements to processes, procedures and manuals at the airport in order to increase safety and efficiency and to retain international certifications;
  • Keeps all log books up to date and records special circumstances according to instructions;
  • Managing shifts of future operators.


  • Requires an Associate’s degree in Aviation Management Aeronautics, Airway Science, Business Administration, Public Administration or a related field.
  • Three (3) years airport operational; management or experience;
  • knowledge of airport operations and safety;
  • knowledge of the Aerodrome Manual, Aerodrome Emergency Plan, the Operations department SOPs;
  • knowledge of the ICAO manuals;
  • knowledge of inspection schedules and all applicable regulations;
  • insight into national and international safety regulations and procedures in the area of airport operations;
  • insight into the structures, processes and facilities on airport grounds;
  • skills in coordinating activities and processes;
  • skills in independent handling of issues or emergency situations;
  • skills in reporting;
  • skills in working in shifts with a team.
  • Flexible and willing to work shifts;
  • Is prepared to keeping up to date with necessary trainings and certifications

Working conditions:

The function is equivalent to scale 8 on the salary scale, with a minimum of $ 2,421.80 to a maximum of $ 3,370.44 gross per month in a 39.5 hour work week. This is based on experience and education.

Are you interested in applying for the position of Supervisor Airport operations at the Public Entity Sint Eustatius? You are cordially invited to respond in writing before May 6th, 2022. Kindly direct all applications to:

Executive Council of Public Entity Sint Eustatius Attn: Ms. Francisca Gibbs

Unit Manager Internal Services

Evertsenweg # 3 Email:

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