Design ‘Out of School Building’ Statia approved

Sint Eustatius – The preliminary design of a new ‘Out of School’ building in Lynch has recently been presented by the architect and approved by the stakeholders. Completion of the construction is expected in the second quarter of 2024. When finalized, the ‘Out of School Building’ will be able to facilitate approximately 300 children during weekdays.

With the presentation, the architect is on track with the preparations of the tender documents and to select a contractor in the third quarter of 2022. The Public Entity St. Eustatius is responsible for the realization of the ‘Out of School Building’ under the coordination of the Directorate Social Domain.

The ‘Out of School Building’ is a big next step in professionalizing afterschool facilities for youth aged 6 to 18 years on Statia. The building will also be utilized to facilitate other users and services on the island during the remaining opening hours.

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The design shows different building blocks, each having their own users, colors and common spaces. The blocks are interconnected by covered outdoor spaces. The different colors of the blocks and the roofs create the image of a village. This image is reinforced by the height differences in the village. There is also sufficient space outside for youth to play and discover.

The image of a village is deliberately created in order to emphasize an open and playful setting to encourage youth to play, learn, grow and avoid the institutional character that a compact ‘Out of School Building’ could evoke. The different colors support the character of the village and connect with the colors on the island. Also the scale of the blocks and roofs are in line with the scale that is common in Statia and they take the Caribbean climate and constructional engineering into account.

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The childcare program BES(t)4KIDS for Bonaire, St. Eustatius and Saba started in 2019 with the objective to improve the overall quality, safety and affordability of childcare. Up-to-date facilities are of mayor importance to realize this objective. This is why the development of a united ‘Out of School Building’ on Statia is desired to accommodate the Out of School Programs.

The Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor oversees and finances the program BES(t)4Kids in close collaboration with the Public Entities and the following ministries: Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Internal Affairs and Kingdom Relations and the Ministry of Health, Welfare and Sports. In addition, a ‘Regio envelop’ funding request was approved by the Central Government in The Hague to realize the ‘Out of School Building’.

????????? Architect Edwin Meyer Viol of DMV Architects was contracted by the Public Entity St. Eustatius to design the building and prepare the tender documents. DMV Architects works closely with the afterschool centers : Daughters Of The King, A+ Academic Professional Training Centre and Mega D Youth Foundation. A close working relationship is also developed with the building team of the Public Entity, consisting of Angela Dekker, Michiel Derksen and Siem Dijkshoorn. The recently established Project and Program Bureau of the Public Entity is involved as well and has a supporting role.

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