Meer Nederlanders naar Curaçao dan voor corona

Willemstad – Niet eerder gingen in één maand zo veel Nederlanders op vakantie naar Curaçao als in juli: 22.249. Met in totaal 34.212 verblijfstoeristen blijft juli maar 8% achter bij juli 2019, zo blijkt uit cijfers van de Curaçao Tourist Board:

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The Curaçao Tourist Board (CTB) is reporting 34,212 stayover visitor arrivals for the month of July. With these arrivals, July 2021 has achieved 92% of the pre pandemic arrivals of July 2019, when we welcomed 37,249 stayover visitors. This remarkable achievement was led by the record-breaking performance of our top producing market, The Netherlands. Curaçao welcomed 22,249 Dutch visitors in July 2021, the first time that we have welcomed over 20,000 stayover visitors from The Netherlands in a single month.

For July, there were 25,100 stayover visitors out of Europe. Twenty-two thousand two hundred forty-nine (22,249) from the Netherlands, 1,032 from Germany and 776 from Belgium. Of these European visitors, 53% stayed in resort hotels in July.

From the USA, we welcomed 5,194 visitors for July. Seventy-one percent of the US visitors stayed in resort hotels. From the South American region, we welcomed 1,532 visitors. Of the South America arrivals, 39% and 22% came from Colombia and Brazil, respectively. Out of the Caribbean region, we have welcomed 1,627 stayover visitors in July, primarily from the Dutch Kingdom islands. There were 6 cruise ship calls and 7,630 cruise visitors for the month of July.

“With over 34,000 stayover arrivals which is already 92% of pre pandemic July 2019 arrivals, the recovery now has great momentum. This has been made possible because of the great partnerships with our local stakeholders as well as with our international partners in key markets. As we continue to work together, we are all looking forward to a continuation of this positive trend.” commented CTB CEO, Paul Pennicook.

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